Embassy Above Ground Pool Reviews & Comparisons

Looking for top of the line? Look no further.

Embassy swimming pools are a great choice for high quality above ground pools.

Build a deck around it, do some landscaping, and transform your backyard into your own private resort.

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Embassy offers high-end and luxury above ground pools in the medium to extra large size categories. These are great options for those looking for a long-lasting, more permanent pool for their yard.

While set up and installation can be quite challenging (it may be best to hire a professional), many Embassy pool owners are extremely happy with their pool.

Embassy Above Ground Pool Review Highlights & Takeaways

Available in round and oval designs of various sizes, you’ll likely find an Embassy pool that’s right for your yard. These above ground pools are great for building into decks and can often become the center piece of your backyard.

You can typically find an Embassy above ground pool from $2,000 to $3,000.

With heavy duty steel walls and resin connectors and components, Embassy above ground pools are built to last and stand up to the elements. The materials are high quality.

These are above ground pools that you won’t be taking down in the winter, but you’ll need to winterize them if you live in colder climates.

Assembly is more difficult than lower-end above ground pools, but can be accomplished on your own with the instructions, a few helping hands, and some patience. The pool will come with detailed set up instructions. With that said, installing an Embassy pool on your own may not be the best idea if you’re a total beginner.

Embassy above ground pools are a good choice if you plan to build a deck around your pool or if you want to partially burry it.

The sturdy walls, liners, and supports ensure that these pools will last for a long time. Embassy/Doughboy liners are designed to last.

These pools are typically going to get you the longest life, and it will feel like you have a permanent pool in your yard. These are another great option for adding decking around the pool.

Embassy Pool Reviews

Check out what Embassy above ground pool owners have to say about their pools.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers shared the following positive reviews:

  • While more difficult than smaller pools, the set up instructions are easy to follow.
  • Can be partially buried.
  • High quality, sturdy materials.
  • Can make a deep end with these pools.
  • Large pool that will last a long time, up to 20 year warranties on the parts.

Negative Customer Reviews

Customers shared the following negative reviews:

  • It will take at least 2-3 days to set up.
  • Much more difficult to set up than a less permanent above ground pool.
  • Liner could be a little thicker.

Embassy Above Ground Pool Options & Packages

Priced in the $2,000 to $3,000 range, Embassy above ground pools are available in both round and oval shapes in various sizes.

Round pool sizes:

  • 12′, 52″ deep
  • 15′, 52″ deep
  • 18′, 52″ deep
  • 21′, 52″ deep
  • 24′, 52″ deep
  • 27′, 52″ deep
  • 30′, 52″ deep

Oval pool sizes:

  • 12′ x 20′, 52″ deep
  • 12′ x 24′, 52″ deep
  • 16′ x 28′, 52″ deep
  • 16′ x 32′, 52″ deep
  • 18′ x 34′, 52″ deep
  • 21′ x 41′, 52″ deep

What Comes in the Embassy Pool Set?

Pool sets typically include:

  • Steel top rails and supports – 4″ to 9″ depending on model.
  • Strong and stylish walls – corrugated steel & hot-dipped galvanized copper.
  • Durable vinyl liner
  • Ladder
  • Sand filter and pump
  • Skimmer
  • Pool vacuum

NOTE: Above ground pool sets may vary depending on the seller and size of pool you choose.

How to Install an Embassy Above Ground Pool

Curious about what setting up one of these Embassy above ground pools involves? Check out these videos from the manufacturer.

About Embassy Above Ground Pool Manufacturer

Embassy Above Ground Pools are manufactured by Doughboy Pools.

Doughboy has been in business since 1947 manufacturing inflatable pools, toys, and beach balls. They progressed to develop stronger above ground pools and long-lasting liner technology.

Most customers are pleased with their Doughboy Above Ground Pool, but depending on who you order it from, the customer experience may vary. You can check Doughboy’s BBB page for the latest customer reviews and complaints about the business itself.

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