Maintenance & Tips

So, you’ve got yourself the perfect above ground pool, but you’re noticing the water’s turning a little green or maybe the weather’s getting colder and the kids aren’t swimming in it anymore. has what you need to help your pool last for many summers to come.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Pool Chemicals: Learn everything you need to know about testing and using chemicals in your above ground pool.

Cleaning an above ground pool: Find out how to properly clean & vacuum out your swimming pool.

Pool Maintenance: A good maintenance routine is key to keeping your pool ready for use all summer long. Learn how.

Closing and Opening an Above Ground Pool

Pool Installation & Set Up: The biggest hurdle for above ground pools is often the set up. Figure out what you’ll need to do before your pool arrives.

Open the Pool: If it’s just starting to heat up and getting closer to swim-time, you’ll need to do some things to get your pool ready to use. Learn how to open your pool with this simple guide.

Close and Winterize the Pool: If you leave your pool up in the winter, it’s important to winterize it. This will help protect the pool and get it ready to use more quickly when it warms up.

Above Ground Pool Fixes & Repairs

Fix a Leak: Leaks in the liner can happen. Learn how to find and fix a leak in your above ground pool with this guide.

Shock a Pool: Sometimes your pool is going to get extra dirty (debris, heavy use, rain fall, etc.). A pool shock will clear it right up!

Above Ground Pool Upgrades: Check out some of these must-have upgrades and accessories for your above ground pool.

Get the Most Out of Your Pool

Pool Safety: Safety should always be top of mind when you’ve got a pool in the yard. Learn some basic water safety here.

Pool Toys & Games: Need some inspiration to keep the kids (or yourself) occupied? Check out some of these toys and games to add to your pool.

Landscaping: There are some pretty cool things you can do around your above ground pool to really make it yours.

Other Interesting Uses for an Above Ground Pool: Got a pool that’s broken or no longer being used too often? Learn about some of these cool ways to re-purpose your above ground swimming pool

If you’re already the proud new owner of an above ground pool, you’ll want to be sure you maintain it so that it’ll last.

Cleaning and maintaining your pool is not terribly difficult, but just like anything, you’ve got to care for it.

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