Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums

Looking for an above ground pool vacuum? We’ve compiled a list of reviews and features of the best manual and automatic pool vacuums available! Find the right one for you.

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About these Above Ground Pools Vacuums

You’ve got two main options when it comes to above ground pool vacuums:

  • Manual Pool Vacuums that hook up to a hose and pole for your to manually clean the sides and bottom of your pool.
  • Robotic or Automatic Vacuums that simply hook up to your pump and move along the pool on their own.

Which one is best for you will depend on the type of pool your have and your budget.

Making sure to vacuum your pool regularly will help keep it clean and lasting as long as possible.

A good pool vacuum is a must-have upgrade for your above ground pool.

Many of these are suitable for your above ground pool or your inflatable hot tub.

Top 3 Manual Pool Vacuums

1. Poolmaster Triangle Manual Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Average Rating: 4.3/5 stars

The Poolmaster vacuum is a simple, yet effective pool cleaner with a small, triangular hose with a long handle and a valve fitting that hooks up to your pump and filter system.

It’s a good option for smaller pools and spas.

2. POOLWHALE Manual Pool Vacuum

Average Rating: 3.9/5 stars

This manual pool cleaner features a bag hook up that is useful for collecting larger debris.

This one simply hooks up to your garden hose and sucks up debris.

3. Milliard Manual Pool Vacuum

Average Rating: 4.3/5 stars

This manual vacuum features a 13″ wide bristle head with a universal hose fitting.

Top 3 Automatic Pool Cleaners

1. XtremePowerUS Automatic Pool Vacuum

Average Rating: 3.7/5 stars

This automatic pool cleaner includes a 10′ hose that is ideal for pools up to 30′. It can climb walls and clean the bottom effectively.

Requires a pump with at least 3/4 HP or 1600 GHP capacity.

2. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Average Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This automatic pool cleaner is one of the simplest out there. You just plug it in and it does all the work for you.

After you drop it in the pool, it will pick up the debris with the built in pump system. When it’s done, simply dump the water and store the unit.

3. Dolphin Escape Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Average Rating: 4.1/5 stars

This automatic pool cleaner vacuums and scrubs the sides and bottom of your pool automatically. Smart, on-board navigation on the robot ensure that it will cover every inch of your pool.

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