Best Above Ground Pool Ladders & Steps

Looking for a ladder for your above ground pool? We’ve compiled a list of reviews and features of the best steps and ladders available! Find the right one for you.

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About these Above Ground Pool Ladders

Ladders are another component of most above ground pool packages that could stand for an upgrade or a replacement.

Some customers have noted that the ladders and steps included with their above ground pool are either flimsy or prone to rust. Others would just prefer a different type of ladder than what’s included.

Here we’ve compiled the best of the best for 3 different types of above ground pool ladders.

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Adjustable Above Ground Pool Safety Ladder

This adjustable ladder is a good choice for both safety and stability.

The ladder can adjust to accommodate above ground pools with walls 48″ to 54″ tall.

The ladder features:

  • Extra large steps to prevent slipping.
  • A 300 lb weight capacity.
  • A lockable guard to prevent children from swimming under the ladder or using the ladder when you don’t want them to.

It’s a safe option for pools that will be up with children around.

Assembly is very easy.

This is a sturdy ladder that is good for heavier adults too.

Note that this ladder should be used with hard-walled pools. Soft-sided pools may need a protective mat when setting this ladder down.

Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Ladder (for Pools with Decks)

This ladder is ideal for above ground pools built into decks or platforms.

It can adjust to accommodate pools of 46″ to 56″ depths.

This ladder features sturdy handrails for added stability and safety as you enter and exit your pool.

Comes in a nice, neutral gray that looks great with post above ground pools that have platforms built around them.

This ladder is another one that’s:

  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Sturdy.
  • Good value for price.

Intex A-Frame Above Ground Pool Step Ladder

This A-Frame ladder is an affordable, easy addition to any above ground pool.

Simply set the ladder over the pool’s wall and you’re good to go.

This is the style of ladder that comes included in many above ground pool packages.

It’s super easy to assemble and is ready for use almost immediately.

It’s a simple ladder with a coated steel frame to stand up to rust and sturdy plastic steps.

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