Best Above Ground Pool Covers

Looking for a new pool cover for your above ground pool? We’ve compiled a list of reviews and features of the best pool covers available! Find the right one for you.

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About these Pool Covers

A pool cover serves a few different important purposes for your above ground pool:

  • They keep them clean by preventing debris from dropping in.
  • They keep them warm by insulating the water and preventing heat loss.
  • They slow evaporation.
  • They allow you to keep your pool up in the winter.

We’ve found some of the best covers for your above ground pool and listed them here.

Robelle Round Pool Super Guard

Robelle pool covers are the ultimate choice for round above ground pools.

These sturdy covers are available in a variety of colors in the following sizes:

  • 12′
  • 15′
  • 18′
  • 21′
  • 24′
  • 28′
  • 30′
  • 33′

The covers feature a 4′ overhang for each size to make securing the cover much easier.

They also come with 8-12 year warranties.

Solar Pool Cover

If you’re looking for a cover that will help keep the water in your pool warm, a solar cover is a good option.

These endothermic covers are designed to prevent evaporation and heat loss – even on chilly days.

These are available in 4′ to 15′ round sizes, but can be combined in larger pools.

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Cover Air Pillow

An air pillow is a must have if you plan to winterize your pool in colder (freezing) climates.

The pillow will help control the water as it freezes to prevent it from damaging the walls, liner, and frame.

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