Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Reviews & Comparisons

Summer Waves above ground pools are average pools offered at affordable prices.

Sometimes you’ll run the risk of getting a lemon, but if you’re handy you may be able to fix your issue. Check out the comments below for some of the problems people experience with these pools.

Lots of options to choose from.

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Summer Waves above ground pools have a decent selection of pools in each price category.

Check out the pool reviews and highlights below!

Note: Check out some of the comments below for customer experiences with Summer Waves pools. Some have received faulty/missing components, products that arrived with damage, and some have had trouble dealing with customer service. We’ve recently downgraded our overall rating for Summer Waves above ground pool products to a 2.5/5. If you’re looking for some better options at similar prices, check out Intex and Bestway.

Best Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Models

Some of the best pools from Summer Waves include the:

  • 14′ x 48″ Elite Round Pool.
    • 4,000 gallon capacity, black wicker-pattern liner, steel snap-in frames.
  • 18′ x 48″ Elite Round Pool.
    • 6,660 gallon capacity, beige wicker-pattern liner, complete set-up package.
  • 8′ x 30″ Metal Frame Pool.
    • 800 gallon capacity, low price, good for kids, easy set up.

Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Review Highlights & Takeaways

With a variety of affordable above ground pools in various shapes and sizes, Summer Waves pools are a good choice for both new and seasoned pool owners.

Each pool package includes everything you’ll need to get started.

While some of the extras included with the pool are prone to failure, the entry price of these pool (options all the way from $50 to $900), may make them a decent option.

Summer Waves has a large variety of pools that can work for small children all the way up to groups of adults. These pools include:

  • Small-sized kiddie pools.
  • Inflatable, blow-up pools.
  • Sturdier, metal-framed above ground pools.

For the larger, metal frame pools, you’ll have the option between different types of pool liners, including:

  • Gray.
  • Plain.
  • Black.
  • Blue.
  • Wicker patterns.

Summer Wave pools include both low maintenance pools in their quick-set, inflatable models and more permanent pools in their metal frame and elite pool models.

Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool Review

Summer Waves quick set inflatable above ground pools are a great entry option. Available in 10′, 30″ deep for well under $100, these pools are ready for water and use within minutes.

They include a pump and filter and everything else you’ll need to use it right away.

Summer Waves Quick Set Above Ground Pool Reviews

Here’s what owners have to say about the quick set Summer Waves pools.

Positive Customer Reviews

  • Quiet filter.
  • Easy set up.
  • Great for small children.
  • Inexpensive.

Negative Customer Reviews

  • Sags/loses air over time.
  • Prone to leaks after a while.
  • Weak filter system.

Summer Waves Small Round Above Ground Pools

The Summer Waves small round pools are an especially good option for families with small children or those looking for an easy entry to owning an above ground pool.

This is probably one of the easiest above ground pools to assemble as it requires no tools. The frame’s joints simply snap together and route through the braces in the pool wall to help it maintain its shape.

With a depth of just 30″ (2.5′) you won’t really be able to swim around in it, but it also won’t require a ladder to enter and exit.

Summer Waves Small Round Pool Owner Reviews

Here’s what owners have to say about the small round Summer Waves pools.

Positive Customer Reviews

  • Easy set up. 15 to 30 mins.
  • Enough room for adults to use.
  • Great for kids.
  • Inexpensive.

Negative Customer Reviews

  • Pump prone to breaking down.
  • No extras included in pool set.

Summer Waves Elite Large Round Above Ground Pool Review

These larger, sturdier Summer Wave round above ground pools are a great entry to mid-range option. You can find these pools from around $500 to $900 in the following sizes:

  • 18′ round, 48″ deep
  • 20′ round, 48″ deep

The Summer Waves round above ground pools feature:

  • Metal frames
  • Skimmer
  • Filter pump
  • Cover
  • Ladder
  • Ground cloth
  • Maintenance kit
  • Vacuum

Summer Waves Large Round Above Ground Pool Owner Reviews

Here’s what owners have to say about the large round Summer Waves pools.

Positive Customer Reviews

  • Easy set up and takedown.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Room to swim and play.

Negative Customer Reviews

  • Pool cover too small.
  • Poor quality pump and filter.

Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Above Ground Pools

With two sizes to choose from (medium & large), the Summer Waves Rectangular Metal Frame pool can accommodate almost any type of yard. These rectangular above ground pools are available from around $900.

The available rectangular Summer Waves pool sizes include:

  • 9′ x 18′, 52″ deep
  • 12′ x 24′, 52″ deep

Each size is easy to set up with snap-together frame components. Depending on where you live, you can either take it down or winterize it during colder months.

Both pools include almost everything you need to start enjoying them after set up:

  • PVC liner reinforced with polyester mesh
  • Metal support frames
  • Ladder
  • Skimmer
  • Pump
  • Vacuum
  • Skimmer pole
  • Pool cover

The filter and skimmer can take 1″ chlorine tablets, which can be purchased separately.

With prices ranging from mid to affordable, the Summer Waves Rectangular above ground pools are another great choice as an entry to above ground pool ownership.

Summer Waves Rectangular Pool Owner Reviews

Here’s what owners have to say about the rectangular Summer Waves pools.

Positive Customer Reviews

  • Sturdy build.
  • Skimmer and filtration system work.
  • Snap-in support legs.
  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions.
  • External filter system.

Negative Customer Reviews

  • Skimmer hole prone to leakage.
  • Some liners are assembled crookedly.
  • Flimsy ladder.
  • Vacuum hose too short.

27 thoughts on “Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Reviews & Comparisons”

  1. Bought a summer waves pool and have had it up for about 2 weeks. Kept the receipt to make sure there were no holes in it. 2 weeks and the pump doesn’t work. Now I don’t have the receipt. Will NEVER buy another one

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  4. Bought a Summer Waves Elite 14″ x 42. Beyond disappointed due to the fact that as a Canadian we can’t get the part for the vacuum adapter without paying an extra $80 to ship it. Their website says you can get the part with free shipping without adding the fact “except if you are Canadian”. I even called and spoke with customer service who said he could order me the part for free shipping without even asking where I was from first. If there was exceptions you shouldn’t say that without asking. Will never buy another pool from this company again. Its going to take me over a month to get my vacuum part and cost over $100 for a $30 part.

    1. Bought the same pool yesterday. Spent all day assembling and filling with water. 1500 gallons is not a cheap fill. The pool lost over an inch of water overnight. It has a leak. When calling customer service all they said was they would give us 50% off a new pool. Nothing about replacing this one that we haven’t even had a chance to use. Will never purchase anything from this company again. Customer service is non existent and rude to boot.

  5. Summer Waves 10’ x 30” above ground pool is POOR POOR POOR QUALITY, EVEN POORER CUSTOMER SERVICE at their 1-888-919-0070 USA customer service number. Hong Kong shipped the pool with a missing part to where we could not even complete assembly of the pool. Called this customer service number and was told by a customer rep and then her supervisor we needed to email them a clear picture of the receipt, that it would take them up to 2 days to process the receipt and then 7-10 business days (does not include weekends) to get aa shipment of the missing part on it’s way to us. And, the supervisor had no one above her to put me through to. I asked for a Divisional or Regional Manager and she could not provide one. The best they could do to get to anyone higher up is customer
    DONT EVEN BUY A POLYGROUP pool product. It will nodoubt be shipped incomplete and of very poor quality materials from Hong Kong. There is absolutely no clear path to timely adequate manufacturer caused problem resolution. They call their customer support response mentioned above as Warranty coverage; how about that for a pool that is incomplete right out of a sealed box. AND, once you open the box they have lots of notices that say DO NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT TO THE STORE. POLYGrouP pool products are worthless and so is their customer support.

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  7. We purchased a Summer Waves rectangular pool. So far it’s been great. Was easy to install, the filtering device keeps the pool really clean & clear. The on issue is the flimsy ladder, so far other than that we live it.

    1. Hi wondering by the end of stage season would you still recommend this pool?

    2. Sorry I meant by the end of the season would you still recommend it? Also did you winterize it or take down?

    1. abovegroundpoolreviews

      Yes, you can set up your pool for salt water. You’ll just need to make sure you have or get the proper pump and filter system.

      1. I called customer service because after 12 days the pump died and because I don’t have my receipt they won’t replace it.I offered to buy the pump but customer service said they don’t have any in stock.he said they only have them if I have a receipt.I am so disappointed in this company,the pump obviously has a defect for it to die after only 12 days and this company knows they are defective and still sell 7 year old special needs daughter is very upset she now has no pool. I think this company is BAD for knowingly selling defective equipment.

        1. abovegroundpoolreviews

          Sorry you had to deal with that. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. First time I purchased a summer wave pool never again put it together filled it pump worked for a day called them they replaced it with receipt it took almost two months to recieve one now a year in a half later the pool has a leak in the liner never again will I get this brand Intex is a way better pool and there customer service is better to

    1. abovegroundpoolreviews

      Look for a water-proof sealant or adhesive at your local marine supply or hardware store.


    Currently draining my 3rd summer waves pool to return to retailer, this last one has been up a week, top ring will not hold air for more then 30 min. Other two split seams of liner.

    Absolute garage, made with way to thin of material, seams are poorly joined, wasted thousands of gallons of water now…

  10. Cheap pool and pump. Many problems but pump died with in a month of use. But only warranted 120 days from purchased.

  11. Had this pool for 9 months, inflatable air ring on top has developed so many pin hole leaks that it c an not stay inflated, contacted polygroup and reply was too bad, buy different brand

  12. I have a 14ft having trouble with the top frame I can’t get them to match up and snap together. Im on the EZ link and the two metal ends just won’t come together HELP SUGGESTIONS

  13. Purchased a summer waves inflatable pool a month ago it now has pinhole weeks in the seams which is definitely a manufactures defect I also purchased a inflatable chair by this Company which two weeks out of the box also has pinhole leaks in the seams called the company and was told they do not warranty their inflatable’s do not waste your money on any items from this company as they are poorly made

  14. Received second pool after first one leaks! Set up second pool it leaks as well at seam! Out take line into pool is higher then intake, WRONG!! Should be lower!! Pump is under powered salt chlorinator is garbage!! Had to add whole bunch of chemicals! I had an intex pool 4 years added one bag of salt at start up that was it for the season! So DO NOT buy a summer waves pool!!!!!!!

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