Above Ground Pool Price Comparisons

Looking for the best above ground pool for you budget? Check out some of the most popular brands and models broken down by price to narrow your options.

We’ve taken the top rated above ground swimming pools from the best pool companies and broken them down by price.

Cheap Above Ground Pool Comparisons

Cheap, or inexpensive above ground pools are the perfect entry level pool. Cheaper pools are typically small in size, come with less extras, and are less  sturdy than more expensive models.

These pools are usually easy to put together and take down. And they’re some of the best above ground pools under $500.



Summer Waves



Mid-Range Above Ground Pool Comparisons

Mid-Range above ground pools will come in at under $1,000 and open up your options to a range of shapes and sizes. Like cheap above ground pools, mid priced pools are perfect entry level pools with a little more flexibility.

These will allow you to “test the waters” of above ground pools with something you and you family can swim in.

They won’t last forever, but their low prices make an upgrade in a few seasons reasonable.



High-End Above Ground Pool Comparisons

High-end above ground pools will typically cost over $1,000. Most high-end models are not designed to be easily taken apart, so winterizing them in the cooler months is usually a must.

These pools are made to last with strong materials. They are typically large in size with enough room to swim. These pools are good candidates for built-around decks.


Blue Wave

Summer Waves


Luxury Above Ground Pool Comparisons

Luxury, or top-tier above ground pools typically fall in the $3,000+ price range. These pools are super heavy duty and are designed to last for a few decades.

They also provide you with the largest size options – since you likely be upgrading to something else in a while.

Set up is typically quite involved and will require some planning and preparation as well as a few able bodies.



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