Intex Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool Reviews

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Intex Ultra Frame above ground pools are the ultimate in options, style, and ease.

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Intex Ultra Frame above ground pools are some of the best models Intex has to offer. With extra large models to choose from and durable materials, Ultra Frame above ground pools are an affordable option that will last you a long time.

Intex Ultra Frame Review Highlights & Takeaways

If you’re looking for a quality pool with lots of room to swim around, the Intex Ultra Frame is a good choice.

At the higher end of Intex’s above ground pools, the Ultra Frame can be found from about $750 to $2,000. The Prism Frame above ground pool is a similar option if you’re looking to spend less.

This pool includes everything you need to get going, and unlike some of the lower end models, the filter/pump system that’s included is not terrible. Though, upgrading to a larger filter system will keep your water cleaner and cut down on maintenance needed.

Some customers have received Ultra Frame pools with defective liners or missing parts, but most have been able to sort that out.

These above ground pools are absolutely huge! These models are available as rectangular or round pools. 

However, despite their size, they’re still pretty easy to set up and maintain.

Ultra Frame above ground pools are some of the most stylish looking pools available, and are a perfect addition to large backyards.

Whether it’s laps, volleyball, or big swim parties you’re looking for – the Intex Ultra Frame pool seem to be a great choice for any needs.

These are built with Intex’s most durable materials and are designed to last you a while. With proper care and cleaning, the Ultra Frame above ground pools will keep you cool for many summers to come.

While these are a higher-end option, the Ultra Frame above ground pool is still a great option for serious first time buyers and those looking to upgrade to something better.

Intex Ultra Frame & XTR Pool Customer Reviews

Here’s what owners of the Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool are saying.

Positive Customer Reviews

Pool owners had the following positive things to say about the Ultra Frame pools:

  • Easy to set up with a few people.
  • Great size for both kids and adults.
  • Strong, durable materials can stand up to heavy use and abuse.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Plenty of room for laps, swimming, and all sorts of water games.

Negative Customer Reviews

Customers had the following negative remarks about the Ultra Frame pool:

  • The pump and filter system are the bare minimum for a pool of this size.
    • Some have experienced pumps that have failed.
  • The pool cover that’s included is not very good.
  • Poor customer support if you have an issue.
  • A few customers have received a defective liner upon arrival.

Intex Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool Options & Packages

If you want to go big and durable without breaking the bank, the Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool may be the type for you. With a range of medium to large sizes in both round and rectangular shapes, the Ultra Frame above ground pool is an awesome addition to large backyards.

The Ultra Frame above ground pool is available in the following sizes:

  • Rectangular, 32′ x 16′, 52″ deep.
  • Rectangular, 24′ x 12′, 52″ deep.
  • Rectangular, 18′ x 9′, 52″ deep.
  • Round, 14′, 42″ deep.
  • Round, 16′ 48″ deep.

These pool feature:

  • Installation DVD and about a 45 minute to 1 hour 30 minutes set up.
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated metal framing.
  • 1,000 gallon, 110-120V filtration pump that hooks directly to the pool.
  • Dual-suctions outlets for more efficient filtration.
  • 3-ply, puncture resistant laminated PVC siding and liner.
  • Tool-free assembly with the Intex Easy Lock System.
  • A step ladder included that attaches directly to the side of the pool.
  • All the necessary clamps and hoses.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool Details From Intex

The Intex Ultra Frame above ground pool is one of Intex’s top of the line models. Featuring extra durable materials in both the frame and 3-ply liner, these pools are built to last (anywhere from 5-6 seasons or longer with proper maintenance and care.

With snap-lock technology for the frame, set up is easy even though these pools are so large.

Dual hose fittings improve water circulation and help keep the pool cleaner.

These pools are made with style in mind as well – with a sleek charcoal black exterior and a blue mosaic pattern on the inside, the Ultra Frame is far from an eye-soar.

To contact Intex, view all above ground pools, order replacement parts, or contact their customer service lines, visit the Intex website.

What Comes in the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set?

The Ultra Frame pool set will include everything you’ll need to start using it right out of the box. Sets include:

  • Steel, powder coated frame.
  • Sand Filter Pump
  • Ladder.
  • Ground cover.
  • Pool cover.
  • Set-up DVD.
  • Hoses and hose fittings.
  • Cleaning kit.

Some of the Ultra Frame above ground pool packages even include a volleyball set!

NOTE: Above ground pool sets may vary depending on the seller and size of pool you choose.

Intex Ultra Frame vs Metal & Prism Frame

Intex’s ultra frame above ground pools are their top tier model when compared to their metal frame and prism frame pools.

Ultra frame pools are typically designed with stronger, more durable material that is designed to last longer than the other models. This includes:

  • A thicker, more durable liner.
  • Sturdier, more rust-resistant frames and legs.
  • Larger size options.
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