Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Reviews

Prism Frame Pools come with everything you’ll need to turn your backyard into a summer oasis.

With plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find a pool that fits your needs.

Prism Frames are some of the best sellers among the framed above ground pools.

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The Intex Prism Frame above ground pool line is a step up from the Metal Frame pools in terms of price and material quality. This is a great middle-of-the-road option if you’re not looking for something as high-end as the Intex Ultra Frames.

Intex Prism Frame Review Highlights & Takeaways

With square and rectangular pool options in the $500 to $700 range, the Intex Prism Frame above ground pool is a great middle-end choice for both new pool owners and those looking to upgrade.

The Prism Frame is a step down from the Intex Ultra Frame pools, but still includes a lot of the same design features.

Set up is a little more involved than some of the lower-end models, but the Prism Frame will feel much sturdier and can easily be kept up year-round.

It features more stylish designs than the lower end pools and will look nice with almost any backyard landscaping.

Some customers have experienced leaks upon arrival, but those that do are usually able to get a replacement with minimal hassle.

This is an above ground pool that is designed to last you a while.

The verdict – it’s a great choice whether you have experience with above ground pools or not.

Intex Prism Frame Pool Customer Reviews

Check out what customers have to say about the Intex Prism Frame above ground pool.

Positive Customer Reviews

Prism Frame owners liked the following things about their above ground pool:

  • Sturdy construction – both the frame and pool liner.
  • The rectangular shape is perfect for small yards and still provides plenty of room to swim.
  • Very easy to set up with two people.

Negative Customer Reviews

Owners shared the following negative reviews about the Prism Frame pool:

  • You’ll need more room around the pool for the supports to work properly.
  • Some customers have experienced pinholes in the liner out of the box.
  • The pump and filter system that’s included is no good and prone to malfunctions.

Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Options & Packages

You’ve got a few shapes and sizes to choose from with the Intex Prism Frame above ground pools – available in both rectangle and square shape. You should be able to find the perfect shape for your yard. Square above ground pools are not the most common, but can be a great alternative to a round pool. And a perfect addition to a larger yard!

Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Details From Intex

The Intex Prism Frame above ground pools were designed down from the Ultra Frame models to be more affordable.

The Prism Frame consists of sturdy, powder coated steel frame supports. The liner is 3-ply puncture resistant material with a stylish blue tile pattern on the inside.

The dual hose fittings are designed to increase circulation and help to keep the pool clean.

To contact Intex, view all above ground pools, order replacement parts, or contact their customer service lines, visit the Intex website.

What Comes in the Pool Set?

The Intex Prism Frame pool sets typically include:

  • Set up DVD.
  • Pump and filter system with hoses.
  • Pool entry ladder.
  • Ground cloth.
  • Debris cover.

NOTE: Above ground pool sets may vary depending on the seller and size of pool you choose.

Intex Prism Frame vs Ultra Frame

Intex prism frame above ground pools are a little less expensive than the ultra frame models.

This is due to the materials and design of the prism frame vs. ultra frame line.

Prism frame pools feature a narrower, less stable frame, a thinner liner, and less rust-resistant legs.

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