Intex Above Ground Pool Reviews & Comparisons

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Intex Above Ground Pools

Intex pools are a great choice for all types of above ground pool buyers. With all sorts of size options and affordable prices, Intex pools likely has a model that fits your needs.

Intex has a variety of above ground pool models including everything from quick-set-up and small inflatable pools to large, sturdy frame above ground pools.

Intex Metal Frame Pool Reviews

Intex Metal frame above ground pools are some of the most affordable small, round pools on the market. Available in both 12 and 15 foot diameters, with 30″ and 48″ depths (respectively), these are great pools for small children and relaxing.

Set up take less than an hour and can be completely alone, and disassembly is just as easy.

Intex metal frame above ground pools are sturdier than their easy-set counterparts (see below), and are the perfect option for those looking for a strong pool.

Given the fact that the frame is made out of metal rather than just plastic, metal frame pools tend to last longer and stand up to a little more abuse.

Intex Prism Frame Pool Reviews

Intex Prism frame pools are the scaled down version of their more expensive Ultra frames.

These pools are designed for easy set up that should take about an hour. And they’re ready to use after assembly.

This pool is large enough to swim in, but its dimensions make it great for smaller yards.

Read reviews about the Prism Frame rectangle and square above ground pools from Intex.

Intex Ultra & XTR Frame Pool Reviews

Intex’s Ultra frame above ground pools are their top of the line. The Ultra frame pool set includes everything you need to start enjoying your backyard – even a volleyball set.

Ready for water in about an hour with a simple, yet sturdy snap-together frame.

The ultra frame is one of the strongest Intex above ground pool models, with reinforced, laminated PVC side walls and stronger metal frame supports.

Intex Ultra Frame pools are available in both round and rectangular shapes.

Read more about the features and reviews for the Intex Ultra Frame above ground pools.

Intex Oval Frame Above Ground Pool Reviews

Oval frame pools offer a hybrid option between easy-set and sturdy frame pools.

Intex oval frames provide you with the easy of set up of an easy-set, but closer to the size of some of their larger sturdier models.

Intex Oval Frame Pools Review

Intex Easy Set Above Ground Pool Reviews

Intex easy-set pools are an excellent entry level above ground pool option.

These are ready for water within 30-mins to an hour and are super easy to maintain.

Easy set pools are great for children and in small backyards.

Intex Easy Set Pools Reviews

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool Reviews

For those looking for the easiest, lowest price option, the Intex Swim Center blow-up pool may be the best option.

Simply inflate the pool and fill it with water, and you’ve got a relaxing place to sit back and beat the heat.

Read more about the Intex Swim Center inflatable pool.

About Intex Above Ground Pools

Each Intex pool comes with a supplies set that will provide you with everything you need to use the pool once it’s assembled. Their top of the line above ground pools even include a volleyball net!

Intex makes some of the most affordable, yet quality above ground pools on the market. They’re great choices for first time buyers as they offer a huge selection of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Intex Recreation Corp. has been in business for over 40 years. Intex primarily manufactures above ground pools, spas, and airbeds. Since 1997, Intex has become one of the largest above ground pool companies.

Intex Pools has a fairly decent BBB rating and customer reviews, however, many customers have claimed to have problems dealing with Intex customer service to replace broken or damaged parts.

5 thoughts on “Intex Above Ground Pool Reviews & Comparisons”

  1. I have had it with in text pools. I have been buying these pools since they came out I only get two years out of them the 10 foot pole that I have now has over 37 patches in it and nobody has been using it not to mention that the pump died I will never buy another InTEXT pool and I’m going to spread the word

    1. abovegroundpoolreviews

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Maureen. Hope you’re able to find a pool that works for you!

  2. Intex pools leak. The fittings leak and drip around the hoses to the pumps and filters. But you can use a white plumbers tape. Make sure you learn how to put on a good vinyl patch. They do need pin hole patching. Our leaked the first day we put ours up. This is our second season and the plastic pins break a lot near the bottom. Trying to find the 2.75 long pins is next to impossible to find. Intex doesn’t even stock them. If you use the salt water system it is great but buyer be ware the poles with lightly rust with the first year. The cover comes off in strong winds, so find an alternative fix. The solar cover, well it doesn’t heat the pool much, but at least it keep the pool water covered and helps keep out debris.
    Their customer service response to emails is slow, if any.

  3. terrible customer service. I received a new pool that had some broken parts, the company says the parts are backordered. we can not use our pool until we get new parts. I’ve left many emails and have talked to customer service at lease 4 times. i requested to talk to a manager/supervisor and no one has called me back when they promised a call within 48 hours. what a joke!!!!! $3K price on a pool that the pump doesn’t work correctly
    no timing on when the parts will arrive. I am now trying to ask for a new pump, no one can answer us, no one will call back, no help whatsoever. very disappointed

    so no swimming all summer?

    1. abovegroundpoolreviews

      Sorry to hear about the issue, Marc. That’s a bummer.

      If you’re in a pinch for a new pump, you may be able to find a suitable replacement at a local pool supply store or some big box stores.

      Good luck getting the issue resolved. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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