Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Reviews

Check out Blue Wave’s variety of sturdy-framed above ground swimming pools.

Great options for first time pool buyers and experts alike.

Hurry while supplies last! They tend to sell out regularly.

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Blue Wave offers a range of medium to large round and oval above ground pools. These pools could be considered somewhere between a beginner and expert model.

Blue Wave pools are another decent option for a more permanent set-up.

Blue Wave Review Highlights & Takeaways

With some models featuring prices under the $3,000 mark, the Blue Wave above ground pools are a good choice for new pool owners looking for something sturdier than a metal frame or inflatable pool.

With snap and lock construction, set up is fairly easy. You won’t need many tools to assemble these pools. The hard wall will make the Blue Wave feel more like a permanent fixture than a temporary pool. The resin top rail will stand up to the elements and will feel less hot to the touch after sitting in the sun on a hot summer day.

These are relatively large and heavy pools, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

With a skimmer, pump, and ladder you’ll be ready to swim shortly after assembly.

With it’s sturdy, solid walls, you won’t need to take the pool down in the winter. You’ll simply need to winterize as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

While some customers reported missing or broken parts upon receiving their Blue Wave pool, these issues were typically sorted out.

Blue Wave Above Ground Swimming Pool Customer Reviews

Here’s what owners of the round Blue Wave above ground pools have to say.

Positive Customer Reviews

Blue Wave pool owners had the following positive reviews on their pools:

  • The pool comes with everything you need to start using it right away.
  • You can change out the liner.
  • The pools are large and deep – perfect for swimming around.

Negative Customer Reviews

Customers had the following complaints about the Blue Wave pools:

  • Some customers experienced a difficult set up due to mismatched parts.
  • Some customers have had parts missing upon arrival.

Blue Wave Above Ground Swimming Pool Options & Packages

Blue Wave above ground pools are available in the following sizes:

  • 12′ round, 52″ deep
  • 15′ round, 52″ deep
  • 18′ round, 52″ deep
  • 24′ round, 52″ deep
  • 15′ x 30′ oval
  • 21′ x 41′ oval

The Blue Wave pools cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000.

What Comes in the Pool Set?

The Blue Wave above ground pool include:

  • Pool ladder.
  • Skimmer.
  • Filter/pump system.
  • Snap and lock frame.
  • Steel wall frame, resin top rails.

NOTE: Above ground pool sets may vary depending on the seller and size of pool you choose.

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  1. Thanks for your brilliant article. The swimming pool is one of the greatest places of pleasure. You have mentioned some of the cool above-ground pool, it looks perfect to me. I think the Blue Wave Zanzibar pool Set is suitable for me according to my need.

  2. Tiffany La Marr

    I have to get a permit I need to know what kind of pump filter comes with blue wave montinique

  3. April Jones-Cole

    Their customer service is not good. We found out that our brand new pump had a crack on the inside. We didn’t see it until we were having issues with the pump not filtering correctly. We took it apart and found the crack. We hadn’t even had the pump for two weeks. I sent for a replacement ticket right away. No response. I called and left a message and no response. Now the pump is out of stock, so we can’t even order a new one and return the broken one. We won’t be purchasing anything from there again. In the meantime our water is gross and we can’t swim in our pool.

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