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Is Bestway the “best” above ground pool? That’ll be for you to decide.

Bestway Steel Pro pools offer a decent variety of options in a mid-tier price range.

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The Bestway Steel Pro line of above ground pools offer some affordable entry options for a new pool owner. Easy set up, take down, and maintenance make the Steel Pro round above ground pools from Bestway a great way to dip your toes in the water of above ground pool buying.

Bestway Steel Pro Review Highlights & Takeaways


Available in options ranging in price from $130 to $630, the Bestway Steel Pro round above ground pools prove to be a good value. First time pool owners can definitely consider the Bestway Steel Pro line as a good candidate.

Steel Pro pools come in a variety of sizes and are available as round pools. This makes them a good options for a variety of yards.

With the proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage, the Bestway Steel Pro above ground pool will last you a few seasons. It’s big enough for adults, but also a good size for younger kids who are still learning how to swim.

With easy set up that can be successfully completed by yourself in under 2 hours, you could potentially be swimming the day you receive your above ground pool.

The extras included in the pool set leave much to be desired. A poor pump system, cheap ladder, and hit or miss packaging have all been experienced by a good amount of Steel Pro buyers.

There’s a chance the liner will come broken or have holes out of the box, but again, that seems to be hit or miss among owners.

If you get a good liner, you can purchase a hose adapter kit and a better pump and filter system. A few simple upgrades can make this entry above ground pool even better.

While there’s definitely some negatives to the Bestway Steel Pro above ground pool set, if you’r a first time pool buyer, you can consider the Steel Pro a good option.

Bestway Steel Pro Pool Customer Reviews

Here’s what owners of the Bestway Steel Pro above ground pool have to say.

Positive Customer Reviews

Owners shared the following positive reviews about the Steel Pro above ground pool:

  • The pool is very easy to set up.
    • Can be installed by 1 to 2 people in under an hour and a half.
  • Steel Pro are large enough for both adults and children to enjoy.
    • The larger models can fit up to 4+ adults comfortably.
  • The frame is sturdy for the price.
  • This above ground pool will last multiple seasons when properly maintained.
  • Purchasing a hose adapter kit and new pump/filter system solves a lot of problems.

Negative Customer Reviews

Bestway owners shared the following negative reviews about the Steel Pro above ground pools:

  • The pump and filter system are really bad.
    • Too small for the size of the pool.
    • Pump is prone to failure after 1-2 months.
  • Frame poles will bend in spots if too much weight is applied.
  • Some customers received a pool liner that had holes when they opened it.
  • Liner prone to developing holes and leaks.
    • Especially if stored improperly.
  • No skimmer is included in the above ground pool set.
  • Ladder and hose fittings are prone to rust.
  • Some customers received pool sets with missing parts (be sure to check if frame legs are inside one another first.)

Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pool Options & Packages

The Bestway Steel Pro Round Above Ground Pool is available in:

  • 18′ round by 48″ deep.
  • 16′ round by 33″ deep.
  • 15′ round by 36″ deep.
  • 15′ round by 33″ deep.
  • 14′ round by 33″ deep.
  • 12′ round by 30″ deep.
  • 10′ round by 30″ deep.

The most popular and readily available sizes are the 18′, 12′ and 10′ options. Check out the Bestway Power Steel above ground pools if you’re looking for a step up from the Steel Pro pools.

Steel Pro Above Ground Pool Details From Bestway

Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pools are constructed with 3-ply polyester and PVC liner walls.

The frame is made out of rust-resistant steel, and the separate frame parts connect with “T” connectors and “C” clips that hook together easily.

All you’ll need to set up your pool is a screwdriver for the pump.

To use the pool after set up, the pump needs to connect to an electrical outlet and the filter will need a cartridge inserted.

To contact Bestway, order replacement parts, or contact their customer service lines, visit the Bestway website.

What Comes in the Pool Set?

The Bestway Steel Pro above ground pool set come with everything you need to install, fill, and use your swimming pool right away.

The 10′ round pool and 12′ round above ground pool sets include:

  • The pool liner.
  • Frame and frame hardware.
  • 330 gallon filter pump.
  • Filter cartridge.
  • Pool set-up DVD.

The larger, 18′ round Steel Pro above ground pool includes:

  • The pool liner.
  • Frame and frame hardware.
  • Rope frame wraps.
  • 1,500 gallon filter pump.
  • Filter cartridge.
  • Pool set-up DVD.
  • Ground cloth.
  • Pool cover.
  • Ladder.

NOTE: Above ground pool sets may vary depending on the seller and size of pool you choose.


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