Above Ground Pool Toys, Floats, & Games

Once you’ve got your above ground pool set up and ready to swim, you’re going to want some pool games, toys, and floats to get the most out of it!

Check out some of the must have above ground pool toys and floats to kick your summer off right.

Above Ground Pool Toys

Diving for rings and tossing underwater pool torpedo toys is a great way to keep the kids (and adults) entertained in your above ground pool. Diving rings and sticks and pool torpedoes are available in all different shapes, sizes, and designs. Grab some goggles and keep the kids occupied for hours!

Pool noodles might fit into the pool floats category, but what the heck, they make for some fun pool toys too! Use them to lounge, ride, or as water blasters.

Above Ground Pool Floats

Animal shaped pool floats are a fun addition to any above ground swimming pool. Novelty pool floats like these come in nearly every shape imaginable – from animals to slices of pizza!

For adults looking to lounge around in the pool with some cool drink, floating cupholders are a perfect and fun addition to your swimming pool.

It’s always good to have some more traditional pool loungers so you can kick back and relax on those hot summer days! Perfect for a nap, reading, and relaxing.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Games

Swimming pool basketball and volleyball sets are another great addition to your above ground pool. Fun for the whole family and a great workout! Free-floating swimming pool basketball hoops add a whole new dimension to water basketball.

Swimming pool volleyball nets are perfect for large pool and rectangular shaped above ground pools.

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