How to Clean & Vacuum an Above Ground Pool

How to Clean & Vacuum an Above Ground Pool

Regular cleaning is one of the most important parts of maintaining and caring for your above ground swimming pool. If you get yourself into a daily and weekly cleaning schedule early on in your above ground pool ownership, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and help your pool last.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming your above ground pool will:

  • Keep the water clean.
  • Prevent algae build up.
  • Prolong your filter’s life.
  • Save you money on chemicals.

Clean Your Above Ground Pool

How to clean and vacuum your above ground pool:

  1. Clean out your skimmer basket if it’s full.
  2. Start with the pole skimmer to remove all leaves, debris, and bugs from the surface of the water.
  3. Use the skimmer to remove any larger debris that have fallen to the bottom of the pool as well.
  4. Grab your pool brush or affix the brush attachment to your pole.
    • Starting near the top of your pool’s liner, begin scrubbing.
    • Work your way all around the pool towards the bottom.
    • Try to hit every spot. Your aim is to break up any organic matter that’s trying to form on your pool walls.
    • Use back and forth along with circular motions to make sure you loosen all the gunk – even the invisible stuff.
  5. Hook up your vacuum attachments and work your way all around the pool.
    • Attach the hose to your water return inlet so that the water pushes all the air out of the vacuum.
    • Connect your vacuum to the filter/suction connection.
    • Keep the vacuum submerged and work your way around the entire pool.

That’s all there is to it! Be sure to check the instructions that came with your vacuum for any specific set up instructions, but most pool vacuums are pretty intuitive.

Supplies Needed to Clean the Pool

A good cleaning routine requires the following:

  • Pole extension.
  • A pool skimmer.
  • Handheld or pole pool brush.
  • Pool vacuum (automatic or manual).

A typically pool cleaning routine will usually follow the order of that list: 1) skim, 2) brush, 3) vacuum.

If you plan to do a deep clean of your pool, which is recommended at least bi-monthly, you should also remove and clean your pool’s ladder/steps and any other equipment like volleyball nets or water basketball hoops.

Testing Pool Chemicals

After you’ve cleaned and vacuumed your pool, it’s a great time to test and adjust your pool’s chemicals. If you add chemicals without cleaning the pool first, you’re really just wasting money in the long run. Chlorine works to neutralize organic matter and bacteria in the water – the more stuff in your pool, the quicker the chlorine is going to be used up, and the more you’ll need to add more chemicals. So stay on top of your pool’s cleaning and maintenance!

Again, creating a regularly scheduled cleaning, testing, and maintenance routine will keep you pool safe and swim-ready all summer long for many summers to come. It won’t take a lot of time, and with the right equipment, it’s really easy to do.