LifeSmart LS350DX Outdoor Patio Hot Tub Review

The LifeSmart hot tub is a great spa in a simple package.

It bridges the gap between a standard hot tub and an inflatable spa. Find yours today!

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What is the LifeSmart Outdoor Patio Spa?

The LifeSmart LS350DX 4 person outdoor patio hot tub is a sort of cross between a portable spa and a traditional, hard-shell hot tub.

This model leans more towards the traditional hot tub, but at an entry level price.

It’s a good option for those who want the feel of a normal spa over an inflatable one, but don’t want to shell out up to tens of thousands of dollars to get one.

The LifeSmart hot tub is easier on the budget, with all the features you’d want to relax in your yard.

LifeSmart Hot Tub Features

The LifeSmart hot tub features a molded polyethylene body (hard plastic) with built in seats and jets. The spa is designed to fit up to 5 adults.

Included with the package:

  • Thermal locking cover.
  • 1 HP pump.
  • 110V/120V plug (plug it into a standard outlet).
  • Built in spa lighting.
  • Digital jet controls.
  • Ozone Water Care filtration system and pump.
  • Grey-color body.
  • Bottom drain plug.

Dry weight comes in at about 350 pounds and is delivered to your house via semi-truck.

Outer steps are not included with the standard package.

LifeSmart Customer Reviews

Customers are pleased with their purchase of the LifeSmart spa.

It bridges the gap between an inflatable hot tub and a traditional hot tub.

It weighs a lot less and costs a lot less than a standard hot tub, but still feels like a more permanent fixture.

Operation and maintenance is easy.

It is a lower-end hot tub, expect the jets to be no as powerful as a traditional spa, and the seats to be not as comfortable.

That said, it’s an excellent entry-level considering the cost and the features.

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