Pros & Cons of Above Ground Swimming Pools

While is here to help bring you information about the best above ground pools, there are certainly some universal pros and cons to above ground pool ownership.

As with any purchase, you’ll need to do your research to decide which pool model and features are right for you. If you’re thinking about buying an above ground pool, use this pros and cons list to help you decide what to buy.

Above Ground Pool Pros

  1. Price.
  2. They’re not permanent. 
    • While some above ground pools are harder to take down than others, all above ground pools can be moved.
    • If you have a temporary easy fill pool, you can store it in the winter.
    • If you have a more fixed above ground pool, you can still move it to another spot in your yard with a little bit of work.
    • And if you move, you can take the pool with you!
  3. Easy to install and set up. 
    • Above ground pools are extremely easy to set up.
    • Many of the smaller models can be set up by one person. Most above ground pools require very few tools to install too.
    • With Amazon Prime, you could literally order and be swimming in your pool within 2 or 3 days.
    • Most above ground pools take only about an hour to be ready for water.

Above Ground Pool Cons

  1. Cheap above ground pools may be built with cheap materials or include lousy equipment.
    • This includes everything from the liner and frame supports to the pumps and hoses. While there are certainly some great low end above ground pools available, some are cheaply made.
    • Liners breaking down or ripping, frames rusting, pumps giving out – these are all common issues with cheap above ground pools.
  2. Size constraints. 
    • While it’s true that there are plenty of options when it comes to the shape and size of your above ground pool – your choices are ultimately finite.
    • Additionally, you’ll probably won’t have an above ground pool that’s as large as the biggest in ground pool.
  3. Water & weight issues. 
    • If you plan to install a temporary above ground pool on your lawn, your grass is going to die.
    • If you above ground pool’s liner happens to burst or leak unexpectedly, it can flood your backyard – wrecking havoc on the grass, your garden, and – depending on this size of your pool and how much water it holds – any structures nearby.

Above Ground Pool Buying Tips

There you have it, the pros and cons of above ground swimming pools. What’s great about the cons is that most are manageable with a little bit of diligence and research up front. You can eliminate most of the cons with some of these quick tips.

1. Do your research if you’re buying a cheap above ground pool.

  • Don’t let an inexpensive pool or a tight budget steer you away from above ground pool ownership.
  • Do some extra research into the pool’s liner.
    • This is the most critical element of your above ground pool (it’s what holds the water in). You can always replace or upgrade pumps and hoses – liners may be a little more difficult to come by.

2. Buy the right pool for your yard and your family’s needs.

  • While you can’t get an above ground pool in any size you want, you do have a lot of options. 
  • Before you buy, consider what kinds of above ground pools will fit in and look good in your backyard.
  • Consider who will be using the pool and how they intend to use it.
    • Will there be a bunch of kids splashing around and playing on pool floats? You may want to look for a larger above ground pool.
    • Do you plan to use it for laps and exercise? You may want something longer.
    • Do you have small children or plan to just use the pool for cooling off and wading around? A small above ground pool may be right for you.

3. Clean and maintain your pool. 

  • Whatever type of above ground pool you end up buying, be sure to clean it and maintain it. This will not only extend its life, but it’ll also prevent any unexpected liner leaks.
  • Practice regular maintenance and cleaning. While cheap above ground pools are designed to last as long as some of the more expensive models, regular maintenance and cleaning will surely extend its life.

Top Reasons to Buy an Above Ground Pool

If you’re still on the fence – or at the edge of the diving board – about buying an above ground swimming pool. Consider some of these top reasons to buy one.

  1. You can buy an entry level, smaller above ground pool and upgrade to a larger, more expensive above ground pool in a few seasons.
    • With affordable prices and interchangeable equipment, upgrading your above ground pool is easy. You’re nowhere near locked into the first pool you buy.
    • You’ve already done the hard work of preparing your yard for your first above ground pool, setting up your next one will be even easier.
    • You can probably resell your above ground pool on Craigslist if you don’t like it or if you want to upgrade.
  2. It’s a nearly instant private oasis.
    • As stated above, the time from purchasing to receiving to swimming in your above ground pool is extremely short.
    • If it’s an especially hot summer, it’s hard to beat the quick relief of a newly purchased above ground pool that you can buy online and set up and use within a few days.
  3. You’ve got small children.
    • Above ground pools are great for families with small children. Not only can you choose a pool that’s less than 3 feet deep, but you’ll have an easier time regulating entry and access to the pool – sometimes without having to install a surrounding gate.
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