3 Interesting Uses for Your Above Ground Pool

Are you looking for a new hobby? Or are you not sure what to do with your old above ground swimming pool? This page will highlight 3 other uses people have found for their above ground swimming pools.

1. Urban Farming in an Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool GardeningSource: UrbanFarm.org

Above ground pools are an easy way to set up a vegetable garden in your backyard. They’re both space-saving and perfect for setting up your very own hydroponic or aquaponic garden.

Both new, cheap above ground pools or old above ground pools are good candidates for gardening. Old, damaged pools can usually be repaired enough to make them the perfect place for your backyard farm.

2. Raising Fish in an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Pool Fish FarmDo you like seafood or have dreams of starting a fish pond? An above ground pool may be your answer for affordable fish farming.

That’s right, you can use an above ground swimming pool to farm fish. Tilapia, Koi, and prawns seem to be some common choices, but with the right set up, you can use your above ground pool for almost any type of sea creatures.

You’ll need to be sure your above ground pool’s liner has not been pretreated with algeacide, as it’s harmful to the fish.

You’ll need to condition the water properly with a chlorine remover and test the water on a regular basis to ensure its properly set for the type of fish you have.

Interested in raising fish in your above ground pool, check out this quick fish farming guide.

3. Use an Above Ground Swimming Pool to Clean (or Exercise) the Dog

dog swimmingIf you have a dog, you may find they love the above ground pool!

Old above ground pools that aren’t used for swimming anymore are perfect for doggy-bath time. It can be difficult to give you dog a bath in the bathtub and it usually makes a huge mess. With an old above ground pool, a hose, and some soap, bath time will be much easier and much cleaner.

If you’re wondering if you should let your dog in the above ground pool that’s still used for swimming – the answer is yes with a little preparation. Swimming can be a great exercise and play for your dog. With a little training and maintenance, they’ll learn to love the pool too.

Many dog and pool owners find it’s easiest to purchase or build a dog ramp for their above ground pool – that way, your dog won’t have to claw at the sides. If your dog has long hair and tends to shed, be sure to empty out your filter and clean the pool after they’re done swimming.

Do you have any interesting uses for your own above ground pool? Share them below!

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